Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Reflective practice

Educational Leadership Project is my professional home and my ukaipo. "Ūkaipō are the places we find ourselves, our strength, our energy. Having a place where you belong, where you count, where you are important and where you can contribute......  As a whole person with your identity intact, you can make your contribution."(
My hopes and aspirations for this blog....
It is here that I want to collect my thoughts about the way we support children to learn through tinkering with their own ideas.

Why have I chosen this for my review question?  I think it started from reflecting on our learning environments. We often refer to the child care curriculums as being child-led but I wonder sometimes what this really means.  Teachers often control the environment and the time that children use which make me question to what extent do children lead their own learning.  Also I had been thinking a lot about loose parts and the notion of having an environment that supports children to think divergently.

Finally it was the quote from David Perkins that made me curious to know more about tinkering.  Perkins said, when talking about learning,"It involves open ended or ill-structured problems and novel, puzzling situations.  It is never just problem solving it involves problem finding.  It's not just about right answers.  It involves explanation and justification.  It's not emotionally flat. It involves curiosity, discovery, creativity and camaraderie."

As I stretch my view of teaching and learning I hope that others will share their thoughts through this blog also.  That way we can all stretch together.  I have recently heard a wonderful quote - "once we are stretched out of our comfort zone we can never go back to our original size".  What a great aspiration as it means that teaching and learning will start to look different from now on.

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