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What does it mean to see me.........

“Do you know me?       Do you let me fly?    Do you hear me?    Is this place fair for us?     Can I trust you? May, Carr, Podmore (2001) For years the words of May, Carr & Podmore have influenced my view on teaching, learning and leadership.  I have always thought that everyone involved in the professional life of the  centre should be able to answer yes to each of these questions.  More recently I have focused on, "Do you know me' by asking 'what does it mean to see me?'  How would you the reader answer that question, what does it mean for your colleagues to truly see you, what does it mean for you to truly see the child?  What sort of environments, values, teaching practices do we need in order to allow ourselves to be seen?  For me I think one of the restrictions of being seen are the labels we use to categorise people.  For example the age label which is what I want to ponder on with you. Te Whāriki (2017) certainly encourages us to see children

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